We are happy to invite all of our members for our winter graduation, closing this wonderful year for the academy and students and the end of the second term of 2019.

The graduation will be on two different days for all the groups.
Here is the graduation schedule:

-Groups training on Monday and Wednesday.
-The graduation starts December 11 with the both kids groups together at kl 17:00
-18:30 starts the graduation for the teenagers group and adults will be held together..

-Groups training on Tuesday and Thursday:
The graduation starts December 12 for all kids kl 17:00 .

*every member receive a trophy, Diploma and if it’s the case, the new belt if it’s a changing time.

--The investment for the graduation is Kr 250 (early bird price until 15/11/2019)
The payments made after that will cost Kr 350


The payment must be made by Swish 123-4700670

The graduation will start with the warm up ( all together) training and then grading.
After we have our traditional fika and distribution of the gifts for the kids.
Looking forward to share this great moment with you all.
If you need further information, feel free to contact us:

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Den 16-17 November 2019 så går Swedish Open BJJ av stapeln i Stenungsund.

Det kommer vara flera tävlande ifrån klubben och vill ni tävla så prata med Marcelo och Alan hur ni ska anmäla er.

Information om tävlingen finns även på anslagstavlorna.

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Etiketter: tävling

Välkomna till sommarträningen på Torslanda Kampsportcenter.
Den är öppen för alla som vill delta, båda för barn och vuxna.

Vi håller på Tisdagar och Torsdagar från 11:e juni till 11:e juli.
17:00 för Barn och 18:00 för vuxna.

Kostnad för medlemmar  är:
För barn : 300 kr
För Vuxna 500 Kr

Är du inte medlem, behöver du betala 150 kr extra för att vara föräkrad.

Vi ses på mattan!

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We happy to invite all the students for the Vårtermin graduation 2019.

The graduation will be on 4 and 5 June and its for all members.

We starting on 4 June for the kids training on Tuesdays and Thursday.
On 5 will be for the members training on Mondays and wednesday.
in the both days we start the graduation 17:00 for all ages.
*The Adults graduation will be on 5 june 18:30*

We have the ceremony Graduation when all the members receiving their promotion with is included the belts. Diploms and medals for the kids.
Also we have the Ice cream party for the members and their siblings as well.

The fee graduation is 250 kr (early bird) until 15 May,
,after that the price will be 300 kr.
- The payment most be made by Swish number 1234700670

Looking forward to see you all participating in this very important event and close the first termin of 2019.

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